I was clearly feeling the vibe of one of my favorite flowers when I painted my nails this weekend. #springfever #texaswildflowers #indianpaintbrush

I know it makes people uncomfortable, and it should. A lot of my friends will scroll right past all of these posts. But I’m going to keep posting them, because that’s what it sometimes takes to create change. I hope more and more people overcome the discomfort and start to break the silence around sexual assault. #SAAM #sexualassaultawareness #yesmeansyes

Good advice I need to remember to take more often. #truthbomb

Motivational clothing for a cloudy day #beamazing


“Children feel life. They smell it, roll in it, run with it, see it all around them. Feel the world through the eyes of a child.”
— Unknown (via wordsaresinging)

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Walk towards the water. Photo: @barparildar #WellTravelled #California by herschelsupply

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Gold Beach, OR with Maddie, Bean and the FJ60

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